Chang Mao Microorganism Development Co., LTD. was established in 1994. Based on the concept of caring for the earth and protection of the environment and ecology, we have always been devoted to biotechnology research and development. In addition to focusing on the development of bio-environmental products for years, we have also developed a large scope of biotechnology products specially designed for agriculture and animal husbandry. Our products include sewage and wastewater treatment systems for buildings (of medium-sized and large communities) and hotels. We provide services covering site inspection, recommendation, planning, and remediation construction. We offer the most complete solution to thoroughly resolve the problem of poor function of septic tank systems and pollution issues resulted from waste grease without disposal of night soil and grease, but still meeting the national standards for discharge water. In regards to the accomplishments in agricultural application, our products have successfully activated beneficial microorganisms in the soil, improved soil fertility, protected rhizosphere environment, inhibited the invasion of pathogenic bacteria, increased the output and quality of crops, and resolved environmental pollution issues caused by chemical fertilizers. Our products in animal husbandry include products that can improve the body environment of livestock, significantly decrease the odor of excrement, eliminate the stench of animal houses, improve the immunity of livestock, reduce the use of antibiotic prescriptions, decompose organic sludge, allow discharge wastewater to meet inspection standards, and protect water sources. Moreover, our products are also used in aqua farms to purify water, balance ecology in water, increase the immunity and output of fish and shrimps.

As all our products are developed and designed by our R&D team and produced in our subordinate factory (license No.: 99-636477-01), we are one of the few biotech companies which have R&D and manufacturing capabilities in Taiwan. We emphasize on both the effect and safety of our products. Therefore, all our products are made of natural materials that are gentle and harmless, do not cause secondary pollution, effectively improve the quality of living environment, and contribute to the sustainable preservation of natural resources on Earth.

Business item

1. Wastewater treatment 6.Bio-remediation of agriculture
2. Bio-degrease of grease 7. Bio-fertilizers of agriculture
3. Bio-decompose of excrement 8. Water treatment of pond and aquarium
4. Bio-deodorization 9. Biotic additive for animal feed
5. Bio-cleaner of building pipe @